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An Invitation to Heal the Family

About Book

About Book

Since they were discovered more than 85 years ago, Dr Edward Bach's system of flower essences has been widely and successfully established in their use for treating personality traits, negative emotions and attitudes. The essences are unique in that they do not treat problems per se but instead seek to heal the personality at the center of the problem. They are simple to use, easily accessible and gentle in action yet powerfully effective.

Healing The Family aims at introducing the Bach Flower Essences as a form of self-help and group therapy. Readers are exposed to an alternative way of perceiving family life and its many issues and challenges, and taught how to use the 38 flower essences to understand one's own strength and deficiency in the helper role. 


Sharing the Thoughts of

Reviewers and Readers

Vibration Magazine

There are three things [in this book that] I feel are particularly appreciated contributions to the field. First, that you so clearly and simply explain why flower essences are needed by the whole family when one family member is having a problem. Second, you go into a lot of thought-provoking detail about how the person selecting the essence is a part of the "system," and can therefore either be part of the problem, or part of the solution -- the power of the "therapeutic relationship" being in my estimation entirely under-rated. 

Parents Press

The flower essence therapy system of the late British G.P (later bacteriologist and pathologist) Edward Bach is not exactly unknown in the Bay Area, but this is the first American guide we've seen written with families in mind. The author believes that"Dr Bach's essential message is that all ills of mankind are spiritual in nature" and that his essences "act gently yet powerfully" to rid body and mind of negative thoughts and emotions that can make us ill. 

Flower Essence Society

As implied in this review, one of the greatest strengths of this book is the repeated use and descriptions of essence or personality types - both those who are helping and those on the receiving end, whether in or out of balance - which reinforces the understanding of the essences and their practical uses. Studied and taken to heart, this is a tool that provides a thorough understanding of the essences rather than just providing a list of remedies and what they're used for; it truly educates the reader providing underlying foundational knowledge rather than just serving as a 'reference book'.

C. Springs
K. Sharpe

We do not live as individuals but as part of a holistic family which includes everyone we come in contact with. This book does a very good job of explaining the uses of the Bach Flower Remedy approach within a family unit based on the types of energy which surrounds certain events and dynamics within that family. I have read multiple books on the Bach remedies, and they have all been good, but Yeo Soo Hwa has a special gentleness and understanding of family dynamics and how they affect us as individuals. 

I have read countless excellent books and writings 'explaining and teaching' the use of Bach Flower Remedies to anyone willing to learn them. However, Yeo Soo Hwa's book surpasses these by teaching practical application and use of the Remedies by any community of individuals connected to each other on a more than 'friend' level. Her explanations of the use of the Remedies within the family are insightful and empathetic; her ability to define situations in which a particular Remedy would be helpful or called for is outstanding.

I. Penney

This is a terrific book for so many reasons. Unlike other encyclopedia-style books which are referred to for descriptions of a specific remedy, Healing The Family manages to immerse the reader in the entire Bach Remedy experience so that once you've read the 160-odd pages, you have a complete understanding of the purpose and practice of Bach Flower Essences.

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