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In the future, healing will pass from the domain of physical methods of treating the physical body to that of spiritual and mental healing which, by bringing about harmony ... will eradicate the very basic cause of disease.


~ Dr Edward Bach in Heal Thyself ~

With clear illustrations and case histories drawn from her own healing practice, the author demonstrates the broad scope and versatility of the essences to resolve family issues and to relieve the stress, emotional conflicts and limitations in parenting.

The book also discusses the important role of the essences in tackling the challenges specific to the different stages of childhood, from birth to young adulthood and the ways to bring a higher level of awareness and consciousness into the parent-child relationship.

The concepts in Healing The Family bring to light the importance of healing the whole in any group. Although written with a particular focus, they are not limited to the family an individual has been born into or chosen to create by marriage.


In life, we are connected to satellite families - work, social, religious or spiritual family - which collectively form our world. Both book and flower essences are relevant and can be applied successfully to any group therapy, be it marriage, family, school, spiritual or any of the numerous 12-step programs. 

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